The Villa College Student Association (VCSA) serves as the official representative body of Villa College (VC) students, committed to promoting their welfare and interests. The VCSA provides a platform for student involvement in the decision-making process of the college, advocating for policies and programs that improve the student experience.

The objectives of the VCSA extend beyond representing students to fostering a sense of community, equity, and diversity within the college. The VCSA works to promote student welfare and interests, advocate for quality and equity in higher education, and provide representation for VC students.
In addition to hosting and participating in various college activities, such as the Exposure Trip and the VCSA Futsal Tournament, the VCSA has played a key role in initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability, including the campaign to eliminate single-use plastic on campus.

Villa College also recognizes the importance of offering students opportunities for leisure and recreation, which are essential for promoting a well-rounded college experience. To this end, the college provides a range of recreational activities during college hours for students to enjoy between classes, enabling them to recharge and refresh themselves.


Aims & Objectives

To foster entrepreneurial skills and spirit among the students of the College;

To promote student engagement, and welfare activities while furthering the interests of the College

To make representations to the Student Services and ensure student’s voice is heard on all matters related to student affairs

To represent the College and the student body at national or international level in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College

To organize and conduct student academic and recreational activities for the overall wellbeing of students

To foster inclusivity among the VC student community

To advocate for and protect the academic rights of students of the College

To nurture a culture of democratic values and good citizenship amongst students

To represent students on College bodies in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College


Association Members


Fathimath Leen Saud

Vice President

Mohamed Shabaan Shabau

General Secretary

Aishath Minha Mohamed

Public Relations Coordinator

Alysha Ali Hassan

Acadamic Secretary

Haiba Ibrahim Rasheed

Student Welfare Secretary

Hussain Zaad Shaamin

Campus Coordinator

Mariyam Eema Mohamed

Sports & Recreational Secretary

Ibrahim Ilhan Ismail

Social & Cultural Secretary

Fathimath Shaina

Postgraduate Representative

Ibrahim Husaan

Other Programs Representative

Hamdhu Hameed

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